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Indian Products


Washer Extractor

Washer ExtractorSupershine has added washer extractors to its wide range of products. These are front loading, open pocket washers with high G force / high spin extract speed. These work on a single motor inverter drive capable of achieving different speeds as per requirement. The machine consists of a completely programmable microprocessor unit that makes the entire system fully automated


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Washing Machine Front Loading

Washing Machine Front LoadingSupershine Industrial Washing Machine Front Loading 1ype, open pocket has fully automatic system to offer consistency in washing results. Best suited to any kind of special washing-Laundry Wash, Stone Wash, Enzyme Wash or any other Chemical Wash. Stainless Steel inner & outer drum with S.S.Front door &hopper gives rust free machine to operate trouble free for years &years. Fully automatic -features like; auto timed, auto reverse, auto temperature control, water level control. Electrically operated water and steam with solenoid valves.


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Hydro Extractor

Hydro ExtractorSupershine Hydro Extractor, top loading 1ype, self balancing direct drive with specially designed motor and DC injection brake. Stainless Steel inner basket and outer drum. Automatic features like; auto timed, auto stop, complete with specially designed electrical motor and panel.

The innovative design has eliminated foot paddle brakes, brake levers etc. Minimum breakdown, hardly any maintenance required as no foot brakes and Levers etc.

Long-lasting & rust free.

Economy model SH/ 07, 7kg. capacity Hydro Extractor also available.


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Washing Machine Side Loading

Washing Machine Side LoadingSupershine Industrial Washing Machine Side Loading type, open pocket, complete Stainless Steel inner drum and outer drum, side and front panels. Long lasting & rust free operation, Automatic features like auto temperature and auto water level control etc. Electrically operated drain and power braking with inching device. Ideally suited for Denim/Stone Washing, Enzyme Washing, Garments Dyeing &Bleaching, Softening, Milling operation (for woolens).


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Dry Cleaning Machine

Dry Cleaning MachineSupershine Dry Cleaning Machine front loading type, open pocket With built in low spin extraction and continuous filtration system. Stainless Steel inner drum and door, Automatic - auto timed, auto reverse and all the electrical protection provided against single phasing and motor overloading etc. Built- in extraction checks dripping and unnecessary wastage of MTO. Lighter cloths are easy to unload. Effective built - in continuous filtration system gives high recovery of clean solvent to be reused.


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Drying Tumbler

Drying TumbleSupershine Drying Tumbler front loading type, open pocket having Stainless Steel inner basket. Automatic features - auto timed, auto reverse, auto temperature control with solenoid valves. (In Steam heated model). Highly energy efficient with double walled glass-wool insulation and lint screen. Two Separate motors for drive and suction blower. Ideal solution to drying needs. Easy to operate and maintain, All the operations and maintenance is done from front and rear of the machine. Tumbler scan be installed without any spacing in between, This reduces heat losses due to radiation, Unique design with out gear box saves lot of space and energy. Specially designed powerful suction blower and lint screen offers constant high airflow cycle.


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Flat Bed Press

Flat Bed PressSupershine Flat Bed Press, automatic - with auto time release, auto temperature control, powerful moisture suction, pneumatic raising and lowering, spring suspended head with adjustable pressure. Suitable for Ironing of linen, uniform, home furnishing and personal garments. Uniform temperature and pressure available on the Ironing bed. Auto timed release, checks over drying, Offers maximum safety to operators.


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Flat Work Ironer

Flat Work IronerSupershine Flat Work Ironer return feed type or rear return, single or multiple rolls. Having polished air suspended chest with pneumatic, raising& lowering, and adjustable ironing pressure. Perfectly machined rolls ensure consistent bed contact. Complete with built in electrical control panel, drive motor & variable speed, powerful suction blower, Steel wool padding, feed conveyor, finger guard, feed and collection tables. Bulk Ironing of Flat Linen Bed sheets, Pillow Cases, Table clothe and napkins etc. produces crisp finished linen. Equipped with all mechanical and electrical protections.


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Miscellaneous Equipment and accessories

  • Sponged Ironing Tables
  • Electric / Steam Irons
  • Steam Boilers
  • Weighing Scales
  • Washroom Trollies
  • Dry Linen Trollies
  • Rolling Tables
  • Valet Trollies
  • Air Compressors
  • Spotting Tables Etc.

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